James Crawford

October 23, 2019

Do you get an opinion on abortion if you don't have a uterus?

Yes, because ethical positions, including those related to legal rights, are not dependent on the individual containing a certain anatomical or biological makeup. Ethics and rights are objective fields of study which means that mankind, having in common the ability to reason and employ logic, is able to think and speak to them without actually being within the purview of their application. In fact, this is the role of a judge or arbitrator in society. He uses objective standards and applies them to a specific situation, regardless of whether they pertain to him. And in fact, it is even preferable if the judge is outside the situation, since he is less prone to be distracted by the emotions and feelings that sway objective application of ethics.But also, back at the ethical subjectivists: do you get an opinion on what people without uterus's get an opinion on, if you have a uterus?People tend to make the most absurd arguments these days. Mark that one down in the anti-democracy column.

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James Crawford is a writer and business owner in Kansas. He has a degree in history and is primarily interested in medieval history.

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