Ben Lewis

February 18, 2020

Equality, Without Justice, For All

In confirmation of CJay's recent post about "woke capitalism" comes news that 180 CEOs have signed an open letter denouncing the recent passage of abortion restrictions in Georgia and Alabama. Of course, the sheer number of CEOs being touted by the suddenly pro-business media does not reflect a general business community commitment to the opposition of the legislation, since most of the CEOs represent industries that are generally leftist in orientation (tech, fashion, entertainment). At any rate, who is opposing the legislation isn't really the point. How they're opposing it is.Specifically, two of the arguments are obviously specious.

First, these business leaders say that anti-abortion laws are "bad for business." Now, they had a specific reason for saying this, which I'll get to in a moment, but it's worth stopping to ask on what other social issue would this be considered a valid argument, especially by leftists? Closing sweat shops, for instance, might also be bad for business, as would onerous levels of taxation, but we hear nothing from the left about what is good or bad for business on these topics. We only hear about the moral duty of corporations (and, usually, of governments in forcing them to fulfill this moral duty).The other specious argument, and the one on which the case that abortion regulations are "bad for business" rests, is that restricting abortions deprives individuals, specifically women, of equality. These CEOs believe that a lack (or at least a perceived lack) of equality makes recruiting and retaining employees more difficult. But the unasked question here is, "Equality to what?" The answer to this question, ostensibly, is health care. But here is where the obfuscation on the abortion issue lies, for framing the question of abortion these terms, as a right to have a doctor kill your unborn baby, intentionally ignores the more fundamental question: the personhood of that baby.

That's not to say that all pro-abortionists attempt to sidestep that issue, but their treatment of the question leaves much room to doubt either their metaphysics or the instruction they received from various science guys.It's interesting, from a social perspective, the degree to which this and other issues are increasingly framed in terms of equality, which reflects the longstanding and increasing fascination that leftists have with equality, a fascination that has advanced to the point of crowding out all other considerations, chiefly justice. If we can dodge the question of if an unborn baby is a distinct human being, and frame it only in terms of a vague but doctrinaire egalitarianism, we can also avoid considering the justice of ending its life. The point here is not so much that the conclusions of this argument are wrong (though they are), but that the argument itself is faulty, and leaves open the door to all manner of ways which justice can be victimized for equality's sake.One wonders what other fundamental questions will be ignored, and what the full scope of permissible barbarities will be in the coming leftist dystopia. But, then again, maybe we don't have to wonder. Maybe we can just observe what happened as a result of the French and Russian Revolutions, and anticipate again the leftist call to end life outside the womb in the same way they currently claim the right to end it inside the womb. All, of course, in the interest of equality.

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Ben is a contributing editor for Bastion Magazine. In addition to Bastion, his articles have appeared at a variety of online outlets, including the Tenth Amendment Center and The Patriot Post. He and his family live in the last refuge for traditional manners, the American Midwest.

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