Mitch Thompson

October 23, 2019

Does the left even want to "rebuild it?"

Ben concludes a recent post with the following:

But if Scruton is correct – and given the prevailing attitudes on the left, there’s no reason to believe he’s not – grievance mongers are not interested in what makes for a healthy society. They are, in fact, bent on the destruction of society, and much too confident in their ability to rebuild it.

This reminded me of something I read some months ago in Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn's sweeping overview of Leftism and its history; namely, that the New Left, as distinct from the Classic Left (not to be confused with the Classical Liberals), is unique in that "it has produced neither a coherent ideology nor a concrete utopia. It offers criticism but no real answers." Indeed, Kuehnelt-Leddihn continues to observe that this New Left "has not developed a constructive program, a blueprint, a utopia all its own." Moreover, "classic leftism likes to destroy, but only in order to replace memories of the past with a vision of the future."

Karl Marx, for instance, need a dictatorship of the proletariate, which would likely have its moments of terror and pain, but nevertheless would give birth to a communism society in which all lived with one another in harmony. However, perhaps more eerie than the troublesome leftism of ages past, the New Left "delights in disorder and chaos." Destruction of the present order– not merely the governments, but the entire social stratum– is sort of a goal in itself.

This is what makes resentment in our time so dangerous and dark– it aims at nothing, it is never satisfied, there is no end to its eternal and constant loathing. It does not yearn for a better world but instead seeks to make social tension and strife a sustaining characteristic of the everyday. Deep down, many of us wonder about the end game; we operate on this idea that someday, soon, the left will have total control and the revolution will be over. But we must remember: the revolution is constant and ever-present; upheaval is the new normal, there is no end game for the grievance mongers.

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