CJay Engel

October 23, 2019

Expanding our Topics and Seeking Contributors

As you may or may not have heard, earlier this year we launched an Austro-Libertarian magazine; a quarterly printed publication that contains essays and articles and interviews with an intention to strive for world class quality in content and presentation.

Due to a completely unforeseen tide of demand (from 17 different countries), we have decided to expand both the subject matters covered, as well as the audience pursued. As we prepare to venture into social commentary from young academics and lay-writers interested in history, literary criticism, sociology, and philosophy, we have decided it was most appropriate, as we complete our first full year in print, to rebrand as Bastion Magazine.

Most importantly, and the purpose of this message, we want to extend special invitation to you, or to individuals you know that would be interested in contributing—either on the website in intelligent Quillete-esque articles, or in the print magazine, which would contain longer, more developed analysis, usually related to the quarterly theme. Especially, we want young professors or lecturers and those familiar with particular problems and trends throughout the academic world to interact with these themes in front of a lay audience.

We do not consider ourselves merely a blog and as we have been able to reach a readership and endorsement that includes Hans Hoppe, Tom Woods, Daniel McCarthy, David Gordon, and Jeff Deist, and so many more, it should be recognized just how seriously we are taking our project.

As we branch out to wider subjects, we are interested in reviews (of books, essays, journal entries, movies, etc), social commentary, analysis, and so on that is sympathetic to (but doesn’t necessarily have to mention) Austrian economics, property rights, and an overall anti-leftist, anti-progressivist, and anti-post-modern demeanor.

For instance, we have a few articles being prepared on topics like recovering the elegance of classical western aesthetic expression, a criticism of the culture of mass democracy, the role of religion in the stability of society, and a short biographical consideration of Mark Twain.

If this generally fits your interests, please contact me. I would love to meet as many people as possible.

If you would like a free digital copy of the summer issue, just to get a taste of things, please mention this to me.

You may email me at cjay [at] mises [dot] org or cjay [at] bastionmagazine [dot] com

About the author

C.Jay Engel is the founder and publisher of Bastion Magazine. He has written for, LRC, David Stockman, and related. He owns several consulting business, actively works on the magazine, and lives in Northern CA.

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