CJay Engel

October 23, 2019

Hans Hoppe on the Vitality of Common Culture

In our liberal age, "live and let live" is a popular slogan. But this can be a dangerous organizing principle in terms of a healthy society, as Hoppe indicates:

The ideal of the left- or “modal”- libertarians, as Murray referred to them, of “live and let live as long as you don’t aggress against anyone else,” that sounds so appealing to adolescents in rebellion against parental authority and any social convention and control, may be sufficient for people living far apart and dealing and trading with each other only indirectly and from afar. 
But it is decidedly insufficient when it comes to people living in close proximity to each other, as neighbors and cohabitants of the same community. The peaceful cohabitation of neighbors and of people in regular direct contact with each other on some territory requires also a commonality of culture: of language, religion, custom, and convention. 
There can be peaceful co-existence of different cultures on distant, physically separated territories, but multiculturalism, cultural heterogeneity, cannot exist in one and the same place and territory without leading to diminishing social trust, increased conflict, and ultimately the destruction of anything resembling a libertarian social order. 

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