CJay Engel

October 23, 2019

Welcome to the New Site!

We are thrilled to announce this new site! We are in the process of porting everything over and fixing up some loose ends. You will notice that not all old articles have made it over yet and that there may be stylistic or other errors throughout– just be aware that we are addressing them as we come across them and we appreciate anyone who helps point them out to us.

We moved from Wordpress to Webflow; this was the move that needed to be made in order to take our growing site and audience to the next level. It will allow us much more flexibility as we save up for more design for the site, the magazine, and the brand as a whole. There's much more that we can do strategically from Webflow compared to Wordpress.

We will be implementing some better design and layout on some of the blog and sub-pages over time. But we did what was necessary (while still taking into account the importance of looking great) to get as much over before the launch as possible.

Next step is to focus on our final magazine issue for the year: the Fall issue, themed around the relationship between Theory and History (the title of Mises' book), not only of economics, but also of general sociological concerns. While the world around us often looks dark, there are good things to come on this site and its publications. Stay tuned and as always, I am eternally grateful for all the support.

We literally would not have been able to get this far without supporters and subscribers. Don't stop sharing what we are up to!

About the author

C.Jay Engel is the founder and publisher of Bastion Magazine. He has written for, LRC, David Stockman, and related. He owns several consulting business, actively works on the magazine, and lives in Northern CA.

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