Mitch Thompson

October 23, 2019

Why the Daily Facebook Page Name Changes?

Posting this simple explanation for those who will be asking over the next week why we are changing our Facebook Page name everyday in small spurts.

(If you missed the name change announcement, it is here.)

Facebook has extremely stringent page name change rules that are almost impossible to get around. We submitted two requests, and appealed them with proof of brand name change: announcement article, URL redirect, legal documents that showed the corporation is now Bastion Magazine LLC. The people reviewing appeals aren't budging.

So the obnoxious and annoying way to do it is to change it one word at a time so its fits the Facebook algorithm's allowance. We have to do it one word per 24-48 hours. Something like this:

Current: Austro Libertarian
Day One: Bastion Austro Libertarian
Day Two: Bastion Austro Libertarian Magazine
Day Three: Bastion Austro Magazine
Day Four: Bastion Magazine

That's what we're up to. Sad!

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Mitchell Thompson is in charge of circulation and content management at Bastion Magazine. He lives and works in Northern CA with his wife and children.

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