Our overarching goal is to review, journal, and act as a chronicle of broader social developments, especially as they relate to the once vibrant and hopeful “liberty movement.” Our intent is to reflect on the cultural and liberty of times past, offer analysis of the present, and comment on the prospects and challenges of the future.


Obviously we want essays on economic and political themes. We conceive of this publication as a midway between the quick and accessible blogosphere on one hand, and the vital academic journals such the JLS and the QJAE on the other. But beyond that, history, cultural reflections, book/movie reviews, fiction, poetry, social criticism are encouraged.


Our tone is reflective and elegant, not academic or punchy. We don’t seek to offer new contributions to the edifice, but to synthesize and reflect on previous advancements. We don’t want merely to cover current events, but interact with meta-trends in light of our theory. And we want to be interesting, unique, and creative with regard to our literary prose!


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