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Our premium publication is printed once per quarter. Each issue is over one hundred glossy pages filled with essays, interviews, and other exclusive features. We cover topics as varied as economics, politics, history, and social criticism.

Tom Woods

“I just love this project– everyone I know who has subscribed is just raving about it. I endorse Austro Libertarian magazine one hundred percent.”

David Gordon

“Your magazine is most impressive and I was glad to see articles by so many of my friends among the Mises Summer Fellows. The magazine is also very well produced, and you deserve great praise for your efforts.”

Daniel McCarthy

Austro Libertarian magazine's outstanding production values are only outstripped by the intelligence and urgency of the content. Kudos to everyone involved.”

Current Issue

Socialism is sweeping the world. Trendy and terrifying, it ignores its past devastation and lures in the ignorant, young and old. But here you can find refuge in our principled anti-socialism.

Our third issue, over 125 pages, glossy and in color. We cover everything from economics to sociology to the history and development of socialist thought.

You thought the Spring Issue was neat. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Previous Issue

Second issue, first in print. What a time to be alive. Over 100 pages of essays, analysis, and more. War is the health of the state, Randolph Bourne famously wrote, and there is no issue more important to the libertarian than war.

It is via war that the state can initiate central economic planning, families are destroyed, liberties are lost, and all the greatness of civilization is threatened.

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Our Motivation

The Left has Jacobin. Thus, we are creating a premium publication that is pro-capitalist, pro-property rights, and anti-left.

Our Audience

For the intelligent layman interested in long-form and reflective analysis and commentary on the social affairs of our time.

Our Tone

Midway between the technicalities of academic journals such as the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and online blogs

Subjects and Topics

Not just economics and political theory. We cover history, sociology, cultural and literary criticism, and philosophy.

Types of Content

Essays, articles, interviews, book reviews, graphics, and other features that make for a well-rounded quarterly publication

Why Print?

Many of us are tired of the degrading and bombarding nature of social media. It's good to step away from time to time.