Summer 2019

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Socialism is sweeping the world. Trendy and terrifying, it ignores its past devastation and lures in the ignorant, young and old. But here you can find refuge in our principled anti-socialism. Our third issue, over 125 pages, glossy and in color. We cover everything from economics to sociology to the history and development of socialist thought.

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Issue Contents

Quarterly Interview with Gene Epstein


Beyond the Setting Sun (Editors)

What Came Before

Crisis and Utopia (Chris Calton)
Why Stalin? (Gabriel McCray)
The Fighting Spirit of Pranas Padalis (John Padalis)
Disregarded Weaknesses of Soviet Russia (Pranas Padalis)
Lingering Effects (Vytautas Žukauskas)

Our Present Era

On the Inhumanity of Socialism (Ben Lewis)
Marxism and the Crisis of Modernity (Zach Garrett)
Our Political World (Mitch Thompson)

Economic Themes

Austrians on the Socialist Front (Kristoffer Hansen)
The End of Marxian Exploitation Theory (Karl-Friedrich Israel)
Our Paper-Pushing Proletariat (George Pickering)
Recession Ahead? (Ryan Griggs)

Politics and Movements

From Capital to Consumption (Rocco Stanzione)
Must They Own the Tools? (Bradley Thomas)
Socialists on the Precipice Review: The Socialist Manifesto (C.Jay Engel)
To the Political Fringe Review: The New Right (Jared Lovell)

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