Winter 2019 - SPECIAL Issue

$ 18.00 USD

Originally intended as a digital-only practice issue, we have decided to release a limited number of these, contingent on $2,000 (or 100 orders) being generated from its sale. It will go into production as soon as this takes place. This issues was announced Sunday, September 8. As of Friday, October 11, 85 copies have been purchased.

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Issue Contents

"The World As It Is: Why the Mag" (The Editors)

"In Defense of Austro-Libertarianism" (Chris Calton)

"Interview: Peter Klein"

"Two Austrian Schools: The Mengerians and the Austrians" (C.Jay Engel)

"Dissent! The Path Forward" (Mitch Thompson)

"Just Don't Call it Fusionism: Frank Meyer's Defense of Freedom and Virtue" (Ben Lewis)

With an additional surprise essay for the special print.

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